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  Tuesday, March 31, 2009  
Free Easter Basket
Get yourself one at my little spot on Babydoll's Island.

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  Sunday, June 29, 2008  
Love, Aly @ BabyDoll's Island
Happy Sunday all!

I have my stuff in world again. It's on my good friend BabyDoll's Island.
I have almost everything out except the stuff I want to revamp and the winter stuff.
If you want any of that, you can find it at SL Exchange.

You can find me here right next to Taunt.

Thank you BabyDoll!

Love, Aly
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  Sunday, June 22, 2008  
Abby & Jackie

I have a little spot over at Tiny Tykes for now. I've never rented there before so I will see how it goes. There are only two outfits out so far. I am having a busy weekend in RL and I am pooped.

Love, Aly
P.S. Not sure why these ads look like a$$. They look much better in world.
P.S.S. There are only kid versions of the outfits available at this time.
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  Saturday, June 21, 2008  
A&J Fundraiser

Here is a sneak peek of one of the new outfits I have been working on.

I decided to make the clothes "kids" clothes due to the fundraiser being for two sweet little girls, but I am seriously considering making "grown up" versions of the outfits as well.

I will to take the "Abby" outfits out of retirement as well as some of my old kids clothes and maybe revamp them a bit.

I plan on dividing all I've earned in half and sending it to the families once a month.

Right now I don't have a shop in world. I will most likely rent booths for now. Once I have enough stuff to open shop, I will let you know where to go.

Here is a quick update on my girls:
Abby had a clear MRI and is getting her central line removed! YAY!
Jaclyn is scheduled for open heart surgery on Tuesday...

I guess that is all for now.

Love, Aly

P.S. Kesseret, of course I remember you! I will get in touch with you soon and thank you so much for your offer!!
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  Wednesday, June 11, 2008  
It's been a LOOOONG time

Hi all!

Wow, December was my last post...

I have to say that I have been away because of wonderful, fantastic, just-plain-good reasons.

I am hoping to start up again but I can't promise anything yet.

For those who remember my Abby fundraisers, I have a huge update: Abby is done with chemo! She is growing hair and catching up on her development! So far so good. I'd still like to do more fundraisers for her so I may just focus on that for a while.

Also, my boyfriend's cousin's little girl (Jaclyn) was born with a heart defect. I am going to try and do some fundraising for them as well... maybe a whole line dedicated to Abby and Jackie.

I'll keep you posted.

Love, Aly
P.S. Sent another check to Abby last month. Though it was only for $20 this time. I have no one to blame but myself...
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  Monday, December 24, 2007  
Merry CHRISTmas!

P.S. Outfit by BabyDoll LaFontaine
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  Saturday, December 22, 2007  
50% off sale
I am having a 50% off sale from now until Christmas.
This does not include Abby's Elf.
I also set out some simple gift certificates since my clothing is No Trans.

Much Love,
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