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  Monday, October 29, 2007  
Weening it up

I am having such a blast with all this Halloween stuff, I haven't been motivated to make anything new. In the mean time, I am still having my mini hunt. Please stop by and stick your favorite Halloween photo in my photo board! I will also be updating my travel blog with photos of the hunts I have been on.

Have a BOOtiful night!

Love, Aly
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  Thursday, October 18, 2007  
Mini Halloween Hunt!

I just love all the different freebie (actually 1l-bie) hunts I have been to so far that I decided to have one of my own. My parcel is pretty small so there wont be much "hunting" to do. I hope you have fun anyway and enjoy the prizes! It is 3am here and I need to be at work in a few hours... OOPS!

Love, Paper-Bag-Head Aly
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  Monday, October 15, 2007  
New Blog

I made a new blog that will document my travels in SL.
I hope you enjoy it!

Love, Aly
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  Tuesday, October 9, 2007  
Go ask Alice

I love the "White Rabbit" song by Jefferson Airplane/Starship/Hovercraft (whatever). There is version of the song that they played on Goth/Industrial night at my favorite club in Sacramento. For the life of me, I can’t remember who sang it. If you know, please tell me.

Onto the point of the post…

My awesome friend BabyDoll LaFontaine is doing 31 Frights in 31 Nights. If you aren’t familiar with that term, it means she is releasing a new costume each day for the whole month of October. She asked for costume requests and I immediately asked for a sexy Alice costume. I have always wanted to be a sexy Alice in RL but I have yet to do it.

Yesterday afternoon I received a Halloween gift from BabyDoll. I nearly peed my frilly whites… She sent me the Alice costume she made and its perfect!

She has a TON of sexy costumes and clothing at her shop in BabyDoll.

Love, Aly

I shouldn't have eaten that mushroom!

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Come get your Halloween Freebie at Love, Aly!
I had a fun time making this and I hope you enjoy it.

P.S. Kitty lost her whiskers in the photo but they are attached once again :P

Love, Aly
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  Sunday, October 7, 2007  

I was trying to make a costume for a themed party I am attending in November. What I ended up with was something completely different. I think this little dress is cute but it isn't what I wanted so I am selling it for 1l. I put a skinned knee option on the undies layer and I threw in the "Little Black Dress" necklace with a bow instead of a flower. Back to the drawing board!

Fallen Includes;
Top (jacket layer)
Undies (with skinned knee)
Prim Flexi Skirt

Love, Aly

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  Monday, October 1, 2007  
Two steps forward, two steps back

I liked my little sculptie turtleneck from my Wild Girl set so I decided to re texture it and sell it separately. As I was choosing different layers I thought it would make a cute mini dress as well. It only comes in red, blue and dark gray but if you would like it in a different color, just send me an IM. I will recolor it at no extra charge. The dress also looks cute with a belt from my Big Belts set :)

Turtlenecks Set Includes:
Top (Undershirt, Shirt & Jacket versions)
Dress (Jacket/Undies & Jacket/Pants versions)

The main point of me making clothing was to help me learn and grow in Photoshop. I feel like I have gotten stagnant lately. I know it isn't fair for me to compare myself with the likes of Last Call, Celestial Studios, etc. but I know I can do better than what I have been. I am going to take a bit of a break and work on my detailing, shading and coloring.

I also bought a Smart-Skirt script that I am clueless about. I will (hopefully) be incorporating that into my dresses and skirts.

Last but not least, I will be selling my really old stuff (that I photo-sourced) on SL Exchange for only 10L each.

Holy Cannoli it is storming outside. I had better shut down before my house gets struck by lightening... again!!
Love, Aly

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