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  Saturday, August 25, 2007  
Belts, belts and more belts!

I am so proud of this update. I feel like I am finally starting to show progress!

The outfit is styled after a couple of girls at my RL job. They love the T-shirts with a little poof on the sleeve and they wear big belts right under their chichis with every thing.

I made this outfit with many layer options. You can have a belt or not, tucked or untucked shirts, poofs or no poofs and I left everything modifiable. I know not everyone *cough Shinesse cough* likes prim pants.

Chic Set Includes:

Beaded necklace
Beaded color-change earrings
Jeans with prim cuffs
Shirt in Gray, green, red & blue;
Sculptie prim sleeves
Belt or no belt option (jacket and shirt version)

I showed my new outfit to a good friend of mine and she loved the belt I made. She requested that I make just the belt in clothing layers so, I did. :) I made them in four positions and in black and brown. If folks like them I will make more colors but for now...

Big Belts in black and brown include:
Upper waist (shirt & jacket version)
Lower waist (shirt & jacket version)
Upper hips (pants & jacket version)
Lower hips (pants & jacket version)

Love, Aly

P.S. I have had double the TPs through a classified using 50L then i did with the one using 500L. Go figure!

posted by Alyssum Therian @ 8:07 PM  
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