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  Sunday, September 16, 2007  
Wild Girls...

... never lose it
Wild girls never chose this way
Wild girls never close your eyes
Wild girls always shine!

Okay, okay! I know the song is Wild Boys but it is stuck in my head so I rolled with it!
If you want to look hot in cool weather, this set is for you! The skirt is a booty skirt so conservative gals, beware! I put a little bit of everthing in this set including bone jewelry for the really wild girls. Enjoy!
Wild Girl (Leopard OR Zebra) Includes:
Bikini Top (Shirt & Undershirt version)
Bikini Bottoms (Pants & Undies version)
Knit Turtle Neck (with sculptie prim sleeves and neck)
Flexi Booty Skirt
Thigh Highs
Bone earrings
Bone necklace
Love, Aly
posted by Alyssum Therian @ 10:03 PM  
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